Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 9

Day 9: September 22, 2014

Our vacation was coming to an end, and we only had three more days to spend in LA before going back home.

Today, we were spending the day at the most magical place on Earth...DisneyLand!

We took the metro from Universal City station and were on our way to Union Station when N suddenly remembered that we left the printout of our DisneyLand entrance tickets at the we got down at the first metro stop at Hollywood/Highland station so that we can take the metro back to Universal Station. While waiting for the train to arrive, N remembered that she had an electronic copy of the tickets on her phone and there was no need for us to go back to the hotel.

So we waited for the metro to arrive to take us to Union Station, and after grabbing a quick breakfast, we took the Amtrak to Anaheim station. From there, we boarded the bus to DisneyLand.

DisneyLand was crowded! Despite it being a Monday and in the middle of September. We waited in one of the looooong lines at the entrance of DisneyLand ready to go in.

DisneyLand was as magical as expected. We spent the day going on one ride after another including the famous Space Mountain that I dragged N on...I've previously been on that ride at DisneyWorld Orlando and I remembered it was fun. So we waited over an hour and a half in line to get on the ride and it was worth it in the end.

We went on It's A Small World, Pirates of The Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Autopia, Mad Tea Party and Haunted Mansion. We visited Sleeping Beauty's castle, Minnie Mouse's home and Mickey Mouse's home.

The day was coming to an end and we had to catch the Amtrak train back to Union Station. After buying souvenirs and spending some time at DownTown Disney, we took the bus back to Anaheim station. We waited for over an hour for the train to arrive....and it didn't. The man at the ticketing counter informed us that the train will be delayed because one of the trains have struck a man on the tracks at a nearby stop and all trains have been suspended until the authorities deal with the issue. It was unclear to when the train will arrive to Anaheim station. The station was was only us and the man behind the counter, and one of the trains that was heading south.

At that point, we were almost stranded. We didn't want to stay lateand take the metro from Union Station, because it is really scary at night....but we only had two options...wait for the Amtrak to come or return our tickets and take a cab back to our hotel.

It was after 8:30pm and there was no sign of the train at all. So we decided to return our tickets and get a refund, and take a cab from Anaheim station back to the hotel. This way, we didn't have to run into creepy people on the metro.


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