Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 8

Day 8: September 21, 2014

No vacation to LA would be complete without visiting Beverly after waking up and getting ready for the morning, N & I went down to the lobby to ask the concierge to call us a car to take us to Beverly Hills.

We decided to go in style....via a black town car. The car dropped us at Rodeo Drive, and since it was early Sunday morning, most stores were still closed. We walked around Rodeo Drive, looking at the different stores and mentally preparing our shopping lists.

Our first stop was 208 Rodeo, a lovely restaurant in Via Rodeo. We sat outside and enjoyed our delicious breakfast, while watching people passing by.

After breakfast, some stores started opening for the day and our first stop was Tiffany & Co. where I got a lovely necklace with my initial on it. We continued our walk around Rodeo Drive, going into one store after another and buying lovely things.

After shopping for a bit, N & I decided to take a walk around Beverly Hills, looking at the beautiful houses and trying to figure out if a celebrity lives there or not. The streets were empty and it was very peaceful and quiet. We walked through Roxbury drive, a street where several stars live or used to live on and exited next to Neiman Marcus on Wilshire Boulevard. From there, we walked for over half an hour until we reached Robertson Boulevard, a street famous for spotting celebrities.

We walked along Robertson Blvd, and shopped some more. N & I got matching lime green polos from Ralph Lauren. We passed by The Ivy, a famous restaurant where celebrities usually dine, but since we were full from breakfast, there was no point for us to go in. We continued our walk and came across people standing in line to attend a men's fashion show. What I didn't know is that Ringo Starr from The Beatles was going to sing at the outdoors fashion show and we missed it. If we had passed by the street an hour later, we would have heard him sing....We only found out when I tried to google the event after we got back to our hotel.

We walked and walked, not really knowing were we were going until we reached the Beverly Hills sign and the fountain at the park. We relaxed for a bit, took pictures next to the sign and fountain, and walked along Santa Monica Boulevard to hail a cab to take us back to our hotel.

Later that evening, we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe at City Walk for dinner.


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