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Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 10

Day 10: September 23, 2014

On our 10th day in LA, we decided to go to Santa Monica

We had several things planned that day...beach, Santa Monica pier, Malibu celebrity homes tour and biking. We took a cab early that morning from our hotel to Santa Monica pier to try and make the 9:30am Malibu celebrity homes tour...unfortunately, all places were filled out. So we signed up for the next tour in a couple of hours.

We walked up to the main street to find a place to have breakfast. We found a place called Interactive Cafe that serves breakfast and decided to eat there. The breakfast was delicious!

After breakfast we walked back to the beach to relax, swim and sun tan...I mean we were in LA, we couldn't go back home without being at least tanned a bit. We crossed one of the bridges leading to the beach and on the way we passed by two guys who were just arrested and being dragged by the police interesting way to start the day!

We spent a couple of hours swimming and sun tanning, b…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 9

Day 9: September 22, 2014

Our vacation was coming to an end, and we only had three more days to spend in LA before going back home.

Today, we were spending the day at the most magical place on Earth...DisneyLand!

We took the metro from Universal City station and were on our way to Union Station when N suddenly remembered that we left the printout of our DisneyLand entrance tickets at the we got down at the first metro stop at Hollywood/Highland station so that we can take the metro back to Universal Station. While waiting for the train to arrive, N remembered that she had an electronic copy of the tickets on her phone and there was no need for us to go back to the hotel.

So we waited for the metro to arrive to take us to Union Station, and after grabbing a quick breakfast, we took the Amtrak to Anaheim station. From there, we boarded the bus to DisneyLand.

DisneyLand was crowded! Despite it being a Monday and in the middle of September. We waited in one of the looooong line…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 8

Day 8: September 21, 2014

No vacation to LA would be complete without visiting Beverly after waking up and getting ready for the morning, N & I went down to the lobby to ask the concierge to call us a car to take us to Beverly Hills.

We decided to go in style....via a black town car. The car dropped us at Rodeo Drive, and since it was early Sunday morning, most stores were still closed. We walked around Rodeo Drive, looking at the different stores and mentally preparing our shopping lists.

Our first stop was 208 Rodeo, a lovely restaurant in Via Rodeo. We sat outside and enjoyed our delicious breakfast, while watching people passing by.

After breakfast, some stores started opening for the day and our first stop was Tiffany & Co. where I got a lovely necklace with my initial on it. We continued our walk around Rodeo Drive, going into one store after another and buying lovely things.

After shopping for a bit, N & I decided to take a walk around Beverly Hills, look…