Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 2

Day 2: September 15, 2014

We woke up around 6am that morning, and surprisingly, I was up before the alarm went off and started taking pictures of the sunrise over Universal Studios and San Fernando Valley. It was such a beautiful sunrise.

Today, we were meeting N's relative who lives in Irvine, and we were spending the day with her in Orange County. N & I went down to the metro station and took the red line all the way to Union Station in Downtown LA. The metro was crowded as it was Monday morning and commuters were on their way to work or school. By the time we arrived to Union Station around 30 minutes later, this sentence was stuck in my head "El destino final de este tren es Union Station" - because it was repeated at every stop along the way.

Union Station was crowded, people were all in a rush to get to their final destination, be it for work, school or just vacationing like us. We bought our tickets from Union Station to Irvine Station at the MetroLink counter, and immediately went up to catch our next train.

When we arrived to Irvine Station, N's relative was meeting us there. The first thing we did was drive to Laguna Beach where we had a lovely buffet style breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

After the delicious meal, we started our journey, first on foot, as we went down to the beach and walked around the area, then while we were walking back to the car, by accident, I dropped my phone on the curb and the screen shattered...but I still managed to use and take pictures with it with a broken screen - or actually the glass of the screen- and I'm still using it till this day with out getting it fixed.

Next we went on a drive around the OC, taking the ferry from Balboa Island to Newport Beach before continuing our journey down south. We passed through several beach cities, with a brief stop in Del Mar to enjoy the view. Then we continued to our next stop at La Jolla, a beautiful and charming beach town with several shops and restaurants. We parked the car and walked around town, exploring the area. The weather was perfect, and the town was unbelievably charming. The next time I'm in California, I will definitely be spending a few days there.

It was still early in the day, so N's relative offered to drive even further and show us San Diego and Coronado Island. The island was one of my favorite moments of the day; we got to see the famous Hotel Del Coronado which I have seen in an old episode of Baywatch so many years ago. Then we parked the car at Ferry Landing Marketplace;  a waterfront shopping center on Cornado Island where we took pictures of San Diego's buildings, USS Midway Museum and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge and bought some souvenirs, including a shark's tooth in a bottle!

After the journey down south, we were heading back to Irvine to meet the rest of the family for an early dinner at Islands, an amazing burgers restaurant.

The day was coming to an end, so by the time we were done with dinner, it was almost sunset. N's relative and her husband took us to Corona Del Mar; a beautiful spot in Newport Beach overlooking the ocean to enjoy the view of the sunset before driving us back to our hotel. There were a lot of people like us sitting there, and enjoying the view. The area was amazing, with beautiful homes overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


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