Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 7

Day 7: September 20, 2014

Today, N and I were going shopping...again :) But we had two different things in mind...I wanted to go shop for more clothes, while N wanted to get the new iPhone 6 that became available in stores just the day before.

Our destination for the day was The Grove; a beautiful outdoor shopping center in LA. We took a cab to the The Grove and arrived there by 10am. The stores were just opening up, and there was a really long line at the Apple store...and that line was only for the pre-orders of iPhone 6. There was another long line near Top Shop for those who wanted to buy the phone without pre-ordering it. N was determined to get the new iPhone, and went to stand in line. After getting N some breakfast, I wished her luck and started my shopping journey.

I went into every single store, buying so many things I need and don't need...such as another Burberry coat to add to my Burberry collection at home. Two or three hours later, N moved from the line next to Top Shop to the one by the Apple store. I stopped by to see how she was doing and then continued my shopping.

Next store for me was Barnes an Noble. I thought I could spend sometime in there looking at all the books, music and movies while N was in line to pass the time...and I was lucky! Because half an hour later I saw Jason Segel (Marshall from How I Met Your Mother) at Barnes and Noble. He had a book signing event there and I was a few feet from him as he walked by. He's actually really cute in person and much taller than I expected! I managed to get a picture of him as he passed by me.

After B&N, I went back to check on N...and she was still standing in the same spot! It seemed the line wasn't moving at all, and was only getting longer and longer. I, on the other hand, went inside the Apple store to get new earphones for my iPod....thankfully, I didn't have to stand in line!

I started running out of stores to buy from, I literally went into every store, and was carrying a lot of bags...and I almost reached the limit on my credit card. I thought about watching a movie at the Pacific Theaters (at The Grove), but I didn't see any interesting movies. So I went back to stand with N and keep her company for a bit. And yes, N was still in the same spot...but moved up like 10 feet or so. If it were me, I would have collapsed from all this waiting.

The hours were passing by, and I was getting tired from walking. There was a fashion show event for Jessica Simpson starting in and hour or so, so I sat on a bench across the catwalk to relax while N was still standing in line, and hoped to catch the fashion show.
A few minutes later I got a text from N that she was finally inside the Apple store. After SEVEN hours waiting in line, N finally emerged from the Apple store with her new iPhone 6! I told her about the Jessica Simpson fashion show event; luckily, it didn't start yet! We went back to where the event was taking place and managed to see Jessica as she was walking to get backstage and watched the entire fashion show! We also saw Jessica at the end of the show.

After this long day, we were both starving. N only had the bagel that I got her in the morning, and I only had a couple of pieces of candy that I bought from Dylan's Candy Bar. So we decided to have an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and relax from all this walking.

Following dinner, it was time for shopping...again. Yes, we cannot get enough of we went to Nordstrom and apparently missed meeting Jessica Simpson by less than a minute! We spent some time there, buying more things until we almost dropped from exhaustion.

Then we decided to check out the Farmer's Market that was right next to The Grove since we were already there...and I wish we went there before we had dinner because it was such a lovely place....there we so many restaurants, each with a different cuisine and a band playing live music. It was a really beautiful place and I will definitely go there when I go to LA again.

It was such a long we took a cab back to the hotel to get much needed rest from all the walking, or in N's case, standing in line for seven hours.


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