Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 6

Day 6: September 19, 2014

Today, N and I were doing something relaxing....we were going shopping at Citadel Outlets; a huge outdoor outlet shopping center with over 100 brands.

We took the metro down to Union Station, and from there we took the free shuttle that takes shoppers to and from the outlets.
We arrived around 9.15, and the stores were all closed yet. So we decided to grab a quick breakfast at Starbucks while waiting for the stores to open.

We started our journey at the Disney Store on the far end of the outlet, and walked into every store from there. By the time it was 11am, I had already spent more than I planned and the day was still young and there were so many stores to visit.

We only took a small break for lunch at Sbarro's before resuming our shopping. By the time we decided to leave the outlets at 6pm to catch the shuttle, I had so many bags from BCBG, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Swarovski, True Religion, Nike, Banana Republic, Coach and Ann Taylor to name a few. N also had so many bags as well.

When we got to Union Station, we waited a bit for the train to arrive. Once it did, we got on, and barely made it to the next stop before the metro train broke down and stopped running. The technicians tried to fix the train but it didn't work, so the driver informed us to get off and catch the next train on the other platform.
When the other train pulled up at the station, everyone who was on the train got on the other crowded train...and we were squashed in one cart. N & I were trying to hold our million bags, while at the same time trying to hold on to the pole on the train, while being squashed by others around us. And what's worse, two people started making out directly above my head...
I really couldn't stop laughing at the situation....and at every stop, more people got on the train and we were squashed even more. We couldn't wait to get off the train to get some fresh air and relax after walking and shopping for 8 continuous hours.

That was one wild adventure on the LA metro....but it was an unforgettable experience.


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