Technology Likes Me...A Lot!

Referring back to my previous post "Technology Hates Me"...I can now say 'Technology likes me...a lot!'... but not because my hard disk was fixed; it's still very much broken.

My best friends know that if I want to do something that seems impossible or difficult to do, I keep trying until I get it done...and that's what I did these past three days.
When you read what I did below, bear in mind that my external hard disk was at the repair place, and I didn't have it with me.....but I managed to get back the most important thing on pictures.

On my hard disk I had pictures since 2004 until my recent trip to Los Angeles in September 2014. I found an old hard disk in my bed-side table, and I was sure it was empty. For some reason, I decided to connect it to my laptop, and to my surprise I found a copy of all my pictures from 2004 until the end of 2008.

Pictures from 2009 - 2014 were on my Sony Vaio laptop and some of them were on my hard disk, and there was no way I could get them back....
I wasn't going to let technology outsmart me; so I researched and researched and researched until I discovered this fact: When you delete something, it's never really deleted. And this gave me hope and freaked me out a little bit.

So how was I going to get back my remaining pictures if I physically didn't have my hard disk?
Keeping in mind the fact that nothing is ever really deleted, I started thinking of where my I saved my pictures before I moved them to the hard disk.

I started with my phone; although it is difficult to recover data from the phone's internal memory, I remembered that I saved pictures on the SD card before I deleted them to free up space. I plugged my SD card into my MacBook Air and ran the data recovery program. To my luck, I got back all the pictures from New York and Istanbul's trip back in 2013.

Now, most of Los Angeles' pictures were taken from my phone, but I didn't save them on the SD card. They were  in my phone's internal memory, and the recovery process for the internal memory is too long and difficult.
I almost lost hope of getting them back, until I remembered I had them copied to the external hard disk via the desktop computer at home. So I installed another data recovery software on the desktop PC and ran it for hours until it recovered every single deleted file since 2006.
I had a lot of data to sort through...I was working non-stop since 5pm until after midnight to get back my photos, and I finally did! Although there are some still missing...mainly the pictures from the 'Dolphin Experience' at Sea World because they were on a CD which I don't have with me, but I can get a copy of them from my best friend.

Next came the pictures taken from the camera. I also ran the recovery software on the camera's SD card and got back the remaining LA's pictures.

I really enjoyed using the recovery software so much that I decided to scan my other camera to see if I can recover the pictures that were on my Sony Vaio laptop. I had pictures from my trip to Dubai and Marmaris on it and I wanted them back. I knew this was going to be near impossible...but to my luck, I managed to get back the pictures from my trip to Marmaris only...

So now there's no need for me to get my hard disk fixed...I got the most important thing back, my pictures. The music, movies and series...I can live without them.

Lessons learned: (1) nothing is ever really deleted, even if you deleted them (2) backup, backup, backup...I need to start backing up the data in several places...CDs, DVDs, hard disks, iCloud. Although it was fun pretending to be computer genius, I don't want to feel the way I did when my hard disk and my Vaio laptop crashed.


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