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Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 7

Day 7: September 20, 2014

Today, N and I were going shopping...again :) But we had two different things in mind...I wanted to go shop for more clothes, while N wanted to get the new iPhone 6 that became available in stores just the day before.

Our destination for the day was The Grove; a beautiful outdoor shopping center in LA. We took a cab to the The Grove and arrived there by 10am. The stores were just opening up, and there was a really long line at the Apple store...and that line was only for the pre-orders of iPhone 6. There was another long line near Top Shop for those who wanted to buy the phone without pre-ordering it. N was determined to get the new iPhone, and went to stand in line. After getting N some breakfast, I wished her luck and started my shopping journey.

I went into every single store, buying so many things I need and don't need...such as another Burberry coat to add to my Burberry collection at home. Two or three hours later, N moved from the line next to Top …

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 6

Day 6: September 19, 2014

Today, N and I were doing something relaxing....we were going shopping at Citadel Outlets; a huge outdoor outlet shopping center with over 100 brands.

We took the metro down to Union Station, and from there we took the free shuttle that takes shoppers to and from the outlets.
We arrived around 9.15, and the stores were all closed yet. So we decided to grab a quick breakfast at Starbucks while waiting for the stores to open.

We started our journey at the Disney Store on the far end of the outlet, and walked into every store from there. By the time it was 11am, I had already spent more than I planned and the day was still young and there were so many stores to visit.

We only took a small break for lunch at Sbarro's before resuming our shopping. By the time we decided to leave the outlets at 6pm to catch the shuttle, I had so many bags from BCBG, Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil, Swarovski, True Religion, Nike, Banana Republic, Coach and Ann Taylor to name a few. N al…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 5

Day 5: September 18, 2014

Today, N & I, were going to spend the day at Sea World in San Diego. We woke up before the sun was even up in order to get to San Diego by 10am.

After getting ready, we went down to Universal City Metro station and from there took the metro to Union Station in Downtown LA. At Union Station we purchased our Amtrak tickets to San Diego, and decided to grab a quick breakfast at the station.

We boarded the train, and around two and a half hours later, we arrived to San Diego Old Town station. From there, we took the bus to Sea World.

When we arrived, I expected Sea World to be somewhat crowded, but I was surprised to see it almost empty! We went around the park to see the different animals, such as polar bears, beluga whales, sea lions, sea turtles, dolphins, penguins, and my favorite - sharks. I even touched a stingray!

We saw two shows; one was a dolphin show and the other was killer whales show, and we went on several rides. The most important part of the…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 4

Day 4: September 17, 2014

Today we had several tours planned and all thanks to the Go Los Angeles Card. This card is a must for anyone who wants to go on several tours in LA; as it saves you a lot of money!

N and I purchased our cards ahead of time, and after getting ready for the morning, we went on our first tour for the day...Warner Brothers VIP Studio Tour.
A short car ride from our hotel and we were at the front gate of Warner Brothers Studios. After checking in, we were led into a theatre to watch a small movie about Warner Brothers history and short clips from their productions.
Next we met our guide who showed us the tram that we were riding on that will take us all around the studio. We got on the tram and started our journey, passing several buildings that are used in movies and TV shows.

Our first stop were two locations shown in Friends; Ross & Monica Geller's parents home that was featured in the prom episode, and Phoebe's father's house where she accident…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 3

Day 3: September 16, 2014

Today we were spending the day across the street from our hotel....Universal Studios. I've previously been to the one in Florida, but we were doing the VIP Experience today in LA.

After waking up and getting ready for the day, we took the shuttle to Universal Studios and walked straight to the entrance. We had already purchased our tickets online, so we didn't have to wait in line.
At the entrance, we walked along the 'red carpet' and there were 'photographers' taking our pictures - of course, this is LA, so everything was related to Hollywood and making you feel like a star.
We entered the VIP area and after signing in and getting our VIP badges, we went up to the dining lounge for breakfast before meeting our tour guide.

We started the tour, and the tour guide was explaining the different existing rides and new rides being built. She told us about how interesting and exciting her job was, and she was very knowledgeable about Universa…

Can't Believe Covert Affairs Has Been Cancelled :'(

I can't believe that my current favorite TV show, Covert Affairs, has be cancelled after 5 amazing seasons.... It was one of the best TV shows that I have watched...and I'm sad there will not be a season 6, but I am actually happy with the way season 5 ended.

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 2

Day 2: September 15, 2014

We woke up around 6am that morning, and surprisingly, I was up before the alarm went off and started taking pictures of the sunrise over Universal Studios and San Fernando Valley. It was such a beautiful sunrise.

Today, we were meeting N's relative who lives in Irvine, and we were spending the day with her in Orange County. N & I went down to the metro station and took the red line all the way to Union Station in Downtown LA. The metro was crowded as it was Monday morning and commuters were on their way to work or school. By the time we arrived to Union Station around 30 minutes later, this sentence was stuck in my head "El destino final de este tren es Union Station" - because it was repeated at every stop along the way.

Union Station was crowded, people were all in a rush to get to their final destination, be it for work, school or just vacationing like us. We bought our tickets from Union Station to Irvine Station at the MetroLink counter…

Vacation 2.0: Southern California Edition - Day 1

Day 1: September 14, 2014

After an 18 hour flight with a brief stop in Paris, N and I landed in Los Angeles around 4:30pm. By the time we made it out of the airport, it was close to 6pm. After picking up our luggage, we went outside to look for the SuperShuttle that we have booked in advance to take us to our hotel.
We were staying at the Hilton Universal City hotel at Universal Studios. The location of the hotel was perfect; it was a short walk to the entrance of Universal Studios and less than 10 minutes walking to Universal City metro station. The hotel was also perfect; the room was big, beautiful and overlooking Universal Studios and San Fernando Valley, it had two comfortable double beds, a spacious bathroom, big closets with lots of storage space. The wifi was complementary all over the hotel and in our room, and there was a pool & jacuzzi outside, in addition to the 24 hour fitness center.
After checking into the hotel, we spent less than 30 minutes in the room before we d…

Technology Likes Me...A Lot!

Referring back to my previous post "Technology Hates Me"...I can now say 'Technology likes me...a lot!'... but not because my hard disk was fixed; it's still very much broken.

My best friends know that if I want to do something that seems impossible or difficult to do, I keep trying until I get it done...and that's what I did these past three days.
When you read what I did below, bear in mind that my external hard disk was at the repair place, and I didn't have it with me.....but I managed to get back the most important thing on pictures.

On my hard disk I had pictures since 2004 until my recent trip to Los Angeles in September 2014. I found an old hard disk in my bed-side table, and I was sure it was empty. For some reason, I decided to connect it to my laptop, and to my surprise I found a copy of all my pictures from 2004 until the end of 2008.

Pictures from 2009 - 2014 were on my Sony Vaio laptop and some of them were on my hard disk, and there…