Technology Hates Me

Technology officially hates me...

Yesterday afternoon I was relaxing in my bedroom, watching old episodes from my current favorite TV series "Covert Affairs" that I had on my external hard drive, when suddenly, the hard drive was ejected and stopped working...

I tried it again, but without any lovely new MacBook Air wasn't able to recognize the device. I was in shock for a few minutes, then I decided to try it on a Windows computer to see if it is working....I got a message saying that I have to format the disk before I could use it.

I was so angry that I hit my hard drive against the table trying to get it to work....apparently, hitting things doesn't fix them...I should have learned that when I broke my old laptop (literally- I was so angry that my Vaio laptop died a day after I got back from vacation, and in a moment of anger I threw it on the floor and kicked it hard....this story ends with me owning a new MacBook Air)

So, back to my external hard has my entire life on it....500GBs filled with documents, 30,000 songs, movies, TV shows, my pictures since 2004 including the pictures of my recent trip to Los Angeles... and I don't have any back up for that data...anywhere.

Let's just say I spent the rest of my Saturday night crying...


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