Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Sunday September 8, 2013

Having slept early the night before, I woke up at 4:30am. I was fully awake, and ready for our next adventure to NYC…unfortunately, it was still 4:30am…no one was awake but me. I tried to fall back to sleep but couldn’t. So by 6am I gave up on sleep and went downstairs to the living room.

There was the most beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean that morning. I took pictures and posted them online…which is how N figured out I was awake.

After getting ready and having breakfast, we went to South Amboy Train Station to catch the train to NYC. We ended up missing the train by less than 30 seconds…the train arrived as we were getting our tickets…by the time the ticket machine was done dispensing our tickets and change, the train had just left. So we called G, and told her to meet us at Dunkin Donuts for an after breakfast snack, before the next train comes.

The train came, we got on and 50 minutes later we arrived to Penn Station at Madison Square Garden.

Internal GPS...check… I was ready to show N around Manhattan.

We walked, and walked and walked…. We walked from 32nd street and 7th up to 37th then back down to 34th and 5th to the Empire state building.

We continued our journey on 5th avenue up to Rockefeller center then all the way up to Central Park.
We walked, and walked and walked inside Central Park…we walked for 4 or 5 hours inside, we walked up to 85th street, and exited near The Metropolitan Museum. By that time, it was close to 3pm… we were starving. We decided that the first restaurant we come across we’ll go for lunch there. We walked from The Met towards Madison Avenue, and all the way down to 66th street. We came across a nice cozy Italian restaurant on the Upper East Side called Bar Italia. We had lunch there…the food was delicious! I had grilled salmon and N had pasta.

After lunch, we continued our journey through the Upper East Side, and moving between Madison and 5th avenues, and all the way down and back to Penn Station. My feet were killing me from all the walking, and I was seriously considering buying an apartment and collapsing there…

We boarded the train and went back to South Amboy, NJ… and back to sleep.

Stay tuned for more adventures in NYC!


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