Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Three

Chapter 3: Monday September 9, 2013

Since we slept early the night before, I ended up waking up at…drum-roll please…5:30am. At least it’s an improvement from the day before.

Today was the day that we were going to visit the touristic attractions in NYC. We had several places listed down, and split over two days. We did a smart thing where we bought the New York city pass that allows us to visit over 80 attractions with the price of the pass only. The price of the pass depends on the number of days the pass is valid for. We bought the 2 days pass, as all the attractions we wanted to see were split over two days. The price of the pass was cheaper than the price of admission tickets to all the attractions; and we could visit as many attractions as we want and can!

So that morning we called the city pass headquarters and asked them where can we buy the pass if we didn't want to get it online. The asked us to come to their offices and we can get it from there.

Our first stop in NYC was the city pass headquarters on 42nd street, between 5th and 6th avenues. After getting the passes, we were ready for our first official touristic stop…Madame Tussauds! The pass really helped us in skipping long lines and had special queues for pass holders.
Madame Tussauds was fun; we took pictures with many celebrities and famous figures, both alive and dead. We had so much fun posing for pictures with our favorite celebrities…and I got to punch Justin Bieber’s wax figure! There was a part that the museum, sort of a haunted house…we were told that the people inside were real…I took a look at the first creepy looking monster and that was it. I put my hoodie over my head, almost covering my eyes, and I grabbed N, and walked really fast without really seeing anything… but we were screaming the entire way!

Our next stop was Top of The Rock. We went up a high speed glass ceiling elevator until we reached the observation deck. The view from the top was amazing. I have previously seen Manhattan from the Empire State building, but this was different. The view was amazing!

Getting a bit hungry, we decided to have lunch at TGI Fridays before continuing to our next stop.

Next came the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. I’m actually still wondering where the pieces of art are…unless you call a blank canvas art, then that’s a different story. There were so many weird stuff inside, including a fan hanging from a ceiling (I really don’t know how this is considered art), blank canvases with only a colored border, a completely blank canvas, a coke bottle, and a few chairs among other things. I discovered I am not into modern art….or any art for that matter =P

The next adventure we were going to take was a thrilling boat ride called The Beast. We walked up to Pier 83 on the west end of 42nd street, only to find out that we missed the last boat…by 1 minute! The salesperson at the counter informed us that there was a cruise at 7pm if we were interested…so we got our tickets and waited until it was time to board. N and I were sitting and talking about our next stop, which was going to be the Empire State building. We were going to do that after the cruise….
It was time to board, and when we got onto the ship I turned to N and asked her how long was this cruise…I guess neither of us asked before we boarded…luckily the tour guide on the ship, who was both informative and funny, informed everyone that the tour was for 2 hours…so from 7 until 9pm, and since we already purchased the train return ticket (valid only for that day), we had to cancel our stop to the Empire State building and the sky ride for that night and reschedule it for the next day.

The cruise was amazing! The ship went all around Manhattan, and at sunset, so we got to see the city magically light up at night with the most amazing colors. Each building was lit up, and the Empire State building itself was lit in blue, green and yellow. We passed under Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, got to see Brooklyn, and the gorgeous Manhattan skyline at night. I can never get enough of Manhattan…I simply love it!

After the cruise we went back home to South Amboy to sleep, as we had another full day in NYC ahead of us…with more fun adventures!

Stay tuned!


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