Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Six

Chapter 6: Thursday September 12, 2013

We spent last night at my uncle’s house, and in the morning, they dropped us off to one of the big malls nearby, Bergen Town Center. N and I went from one store to the next, and coming out with several bags from each store.

At some point I turned to N and told her something I have never ever said before…I told her that I can’t look at anymore clothes…I was tired, and just had a shopping you can imagine the amount of damage I did to my credit card that day.

Taking a break from all the shopping, we decided to go to lunch at the Mall. After getting lost in the elevator in the parking lot trying to find the restaurant…we finally found it. We went to Bobby’s Burger Palace…which is owned by one of my favorite chefs, Bobby Flay.

After lunch, to burn off the calories, we decided to do more shopping. There were a few stores we didn't check out yet.

Our last stop was Target, one of my favorite places. N and I each got a cart, and decided to meet by the cash register in an hour. I took my cart, and went from one isle to the next, picking up necessary and unnecessary items…I went from the hair care isle, to food, to music, to dvds, garden stuff, luggage, clothes, books….and the isles are endless.

By that time, the weather outside started to change…the sky got darker, with thunder and lightning and was pouring rain like crazy!
Once the hour was up, N & I met up at the cash register and called my uncle to pick us up. The minute we stepped out of the mall, there was this really strong lightning bolt that hit an electricity pole, followed by a very loud thunder… I freaked out and ended up running and hiding behind some wall or something (couldn't really see what it was…Lol).

We loaded our bags in the car, and went back to my uncle’s house as he was cooking us dinner. The way back was crazy…it was pouring heavily outside, with thunder and lightning. We couldn't see anything ahead of us while driving back. It was both scary and amazing…I love thunderstorms and rain…I can sit up by a window for hours just watching the rain…

After we got home safe, my uncle and aunt started preparing dinner and N & I started packing as we were going on a very exciting adventure the following day.

Dinner was amazing! We had a homemade shrimp pasta alfredo, with salad and beer-batter fried shrimps.

The following day we were going somewhere amazing…so N & I went to sleep early, as we were leaving the house at 9am for our next adventure involving a road trip!

So where did we go next?? Stay tuned for more exciting details…


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