Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Nine

Chapter 9: Sunday September 15, 2013

We woke up early to pack and get ready for the long drive back to Washington Township. Shortly after breakfast, we put our stuff in the car and were on our way to New Jersey.
It was a very long drive, but for once, I managed to stay awake the whole way and enjoy the scenery! It was such a beautiful drive, passing green mountains and rivers.

After almost 7 or 8 hours, we were back in beautiful New Jersey. We rested for a while, before my uncle took us back to G’s house in South Amboy.

It was around 6 or 7pm when we arrived to South Amboy. There, we were introduced to S, one of G’s friends. They had a lovely surprise for us….another 2 or 3 hour road trip to Pennsylvania…that night! We were going to PA spending the night there and in the morning visiting Amish country.

N and I were both exhausted…but I was up for another road trip. We were given two options…either we leave right away and we’ll be in Pennsylvania by 11pm and get a good night’s sleep…or wake up at 4am and hit the road. The decision was three against one…S, G and I preferred to go right away, while N was too exhausted and preferred to go at 4am…so right away it was.

We raced upstairs, unpacking the clothes from Niagara Fall’s trip, and packing new clothes for the new road trip. I was done packing in 5 minutes…literally! All I did was throw the old clothes in the wash and grab a clean change of clothes for the morning. And I took the candy that I bought from Atlantic City to munch on on the road.

By 8pm, we were out of the house and on the way to Pennsylvania. Our first stop was still in South Amboy… we went to dinner to an Italian restaurant and had really good pizza and wings.
Almost 3 hours later, we arrived to PA and immediately saw an Amish buggy….followed by another and another all around that area. The area was too quiet, too dark and peaceful, and didn't see any cars except for the buggies and the houses didn't have lights except for candles in the windows….it felt like a scene from an old horror movie and we were only waiting for the psycho to come at us and kill us all….I was really scared.

Nevermind.…driving slowly through town, we came across the name of the town and that’s when all the jokes started. The name of the town was…… Intercourse! I’m even laughing as I am writing this. It was the strangest and funniest town name I have ever heard!  I mean, who would call the town that?!

Strangely enough, the name of the town we were supposed to stay in was Bird-In-Hand…Lol.
A few minutes later we arrived to Bird-In-Hand and parked at the hotel. We called them to inform them that we have arrived but there was no answer at all…despite having called them a few hours ago to reserve! We tried calling again and again, but no one picked up. So we decided to drive over to the front desk (the hotel was a motel style hotel)…we passed by it and the lights were almost off except for a small desk light…I feel like I’m telling a horror story…anyway, the TV was on, so clearly someone is working this hour. S went down and tried to open the door leading to the front desk, but it was locked! So where was the night manager or night staff? No one knew…and no one seemed to be awake at this hour….

We were almost homeless at this point… we started the car navigation system looking for nearby hotels…we called one hotel and were informed they had no vacancies…and I’m so glad they didn't because when we passed by it, it looked creepy. It was a dark, villa style home, and looked nothing like a hotel, except for a small sign outside, with ‘No Vacancy’ in blinking red lights.

Finally, we lucked out! We called Hilton Garden Inn and were informed that they do have rooms available. So we drove over there, and by the time we checked in, it was well after mid-night.

N and I had one room, and G and S had another room. Both rooms were close to each other on the same floor. The room was big and nice, and the beds were big and really comfortable.
Our rooms were on the ground floor, with the window overlooking the parking lot. I was already a bit scared because the town was too peaceful for my liking…I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to find a psycho killer in our room, so I rushed over to the windows to make sure they are locked. N started scaring me, telling me to imagine there was someone standing outside our window looking in…and she was laughing at my reaction. Thank god the windows were made not to be opened, so I closed the blinds and went to sleep, but my imagination and sense of hearing were working overtime, trying to listen for any noise outside … come to think about it now, a psycho killer could have broken the window if he/she wanted to…thank god I didn't think of that when I was at the hotel.

Stay tuned to find out what N, G, S and I did in Pennsylvania! Until then, goodnight!


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