Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Four

Chapter 4: Tuesday September 10, 2013

Woke up early yet again…but this time with sore and aching feet from all the walking we’ve been doing the past two days.
After getting ready, G dropped N and I at the train station. We developed a certain routine where we would get our tickets, then go to Dunkin Donuts to get breakfast while waiting for our train.

We arrived to NYC, and our first stop was The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We walked from 32nd and 7th, all way up to 82nd and 5th! That was over 50 blocks on foot…almost 3 miles. I remember the minute we left Madison Square Garden, N was asking me how many blocks till we get to The Met…when I told her 50, she almost fainted. She told me if she asks me again, then I should just lie to her about the distance…Lol.

After an hour walk, we arrived to our destination. The minute we arrived, we were asked if we had the city pass, and gladly showed it to the lady at the museum. She told us to wait, and went to get our tickets for us.
The museum was huge! The biggest I have ever been to. A person needs a full day or maybe more to actually see all the artifacts and art there. Since we didn't have much time, we went quickly around the museum, stopping briefly to appreciate what it had to offer. I really wish we had more time to spend at the museum, but I’m sure I’ll definitely go back there when I go to NYC again.

Our next stop was the American Museum of Natural History; and the closest route to get there was through Central Park. From our first visit to the park, and having spent almost 5 hours there, N told me she never wants to walk in the park again… the 5 hour walk inside the park 2 days ago was enough to last her a lifetime… I, on the other hand, loved it and would definitely walk Central Park again and again. Anyway, I informed N that this was the shortest way to get to the museum.
Five minutes later we were back in Central Park…and every 15 minutes I was stopping at the nearest bench because my feet couldn’t take it anymore.

We reached the museum, and of course toured it quickly for two reasons…we still had 3 more attractions that day and we couldn’t walk a single mile further. So the museum was toured in less than one hour… we didn’t get to see much. Next time I’m in NYC, I will be visiting it again J

After the museums, our next stop was to go down to the 9/11 memorial. Not wanting to walk all the way down to the lower end of Manhattan (remember, we were up on 77th street), we decided to take the water taxi. The taxi has a hop on hop off option where you get to hop off at certain stops; and one stop was Battery Park, close to the memorial site.
The water taxi leaves from Pier 84, located at 44th street at the west end of Manhattan. So, we walked and walked and walked, and still didn’t reach anywhere near 44th street…by the time we reached 50-something street, either 54th or 52nd, I was tired, starved to death and was going to faint any minute! So we did what any normal person would do…we hailed a cab…finally.

We arrived at the Pier, only to discover a few things:
We just missed the water taxi
The next one was at 4pm…in 30 or 40 minutes
The 9/11 Memorial was closing at 3 or 4 that day, to prepare for the 9/11 anniversary the following day

We decided to take the water taxi anyway. And while waiting for the next taxi to arrive, we had lunch at a restaurant at the pier. We had delicious burgers! I’m still craving another one from that place.

By the time we were done with lunch, the water taxi arrived and we hopped on. We deiced to take a risk and hop off at Battery Park…if we found the memorial open, then we would visit, otherwise we’ll just continue to our next stop.

It was close to 5pm and the memorial was definitely closing in a few minutes (if not already closed), so we walked around and happened to come across the Wall Street bull. Of course, that was one of the things on N’s list. After waiting in line for 10 or 15 minutes to take pictures of and with the bull (I was not really that interested in it…but N was); we walked around the area, visiting the Financial District, where I had a delicious iced tea…then walked up to Wall Street.  We passed by the New York Stock Exchange and walked around Wall Street and the Financial District area.

It was getting a bit dark outside, which was the perfect time for us to continue to our next and final stop for the day…the Empire State Building. We were still at the Financial District trying to hail a cab to take us up to 34th street. There was no WAY on earth that N and I were going to walk up an hour or so to get to the building. We waited and waited and waited by a traffic light for an empty cab…but no such luck. I was sitting near the traffic light overlooking One World Trade Center, looking at a construction site, and I was thinking that the building they were currently building will be completed before we can manage to get a cab! Finally after almost half an hour wait, an empty cab came along and took us all the way up to Empire State Building.

We got our tickets for both the observation deck and the Sky Ride. We went on the Sky Ride first and got an aerial view of the most beautiful and amazing city on the planet. Then after we were done, we went up to the observation deck. The sky was completely dark, and the city was all lit up! The view of the lit buildings was breath taking! If I thought Manhattan was gorgeous in the day time, then no words can describe the beauty of the city at night! We were high up on the 86th floor, overlooking all Manhattan…and I literally was amazed at the sights…although this was not my first time visiting the Empire State Building…but it was my first time visiting it at night.
Not wanting leave, but we had to because our train tickets were going to expire at midnight; we had to bid the city farewell, as we were not coming back to Manhattan until the following week.

So we walked all the way down to Penn Station and boarded the train back to South Amboy.

Stay tuned to find out where N and I went the next day and what adventures awaits us…


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