Vacation... Long Version: Chapter Eleven

Chapter 11: Tuesday September 17, 2013

Today was devoted to shopping! After waking up and getting ready for the day, G dropped N and I to Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, just off exit 100 A.
The outlet was big, with lots of designer stores, and all my favorite stores. We spent hours going from one store to the next, and coming out with a lot of bags...bags from Michael Kors, Nike, UGGs, Banana Republic, Bebe, Kate Spade…and the list goes on and on.

Taking a break from all the shopping, we decided to have lunch at the food court of the outlets. We looked at the different restaurants and picked South Philly Steak & Fries…the menu looked appealing. And it was a very good choice! The Philly cheese steak sandwich I had was delicious!
After lunch, we continued our shopping to burn off the calories.

Around 3pm, G called us and told us she was picking us up to go Staten Island to drop off something for S. We loaded our bags into the car and set off to Staten Island.

We met S at the club/bar she owns, and went for a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Being full from the lunch we had at the outlets, N and I ordered nachos and drinks, while G and S had lunch.
S took us around Staten Island, showing us the different areas and the view of Manhattan’s skyline from the beach.

We continued our journey down to the Staten Island Ferry, and from there hopped on a 30 minute boat ride to the beautiful Manhattan. It was night time, so we were seeing the city again at night. I can never get tired of seeing Manhattan at night…all the beautiful buildings lit up…it’s gorgeous!

Since this was our first time riding the ferry, S told us that we should throw a coin into the water and make a wish.  So I closed my eyes, made my wish and threw the penny into the water…hope my wish comes true…

The minute we arrived to Manhattan…we hopped back on the same ferry and went back to Staten Island. It was a very short and interesting trip to Manhattan…but we were going back there the next day to say goodbye to the beautiful city.

We drove around Staten Island some more, and later on, dropped off S at her club and went back to South Amboy.

Tomorrow, N and I were spending the day in Manhattan… stay tuned for one last adventure in NYC!


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