Good Night Beirut...See You Soon...

Hello again!

 I'm still in Beirut :), but unfortunately, I'm leaving tomorrow....

Today was a great day, I woke up around 10am, and after having a light breakfast at the hotel, I went out shopping.....again. I came to the realization that I should not be left alone or unattended with a credit card...I could really do some damage to my bank account Lol.

I walked around, got some coffee and continued my window & actual shopping...I really love the stores in many places, so many fashionable items.

A few hours later, I returned to my hotel room to relax from all the walking, before meeting my friends.

I finally got to see my friends...I haven't seen them since September and I've missed them sooooo much!

We went out for dinner to Lord of the Wings, then we went to a desserts place called 'Nutellisimo'...which serves delicious desserts all made out of Nutella! We had an amazing time, laughed so hard, and just had fun. I really needed a night like tonight after all the stress I've been feeling at work.

Later, I got back to the hotel, packed most of my stuff in order to check out tomorrow.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'd better get some sleep before I fall asleep while blogging =P

Good night everyone! Good night Beirut...see you soon...


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