Good Night Beirut

Hello again from Beirut!

It's been such a loooong day, especially since I haven't slept well (or at all) last night...

So, I went to my meeting, which turned out to be at 12pm, and by the time I arrived back to the hotel it was almost 7pm..but I didn't get to relax immediately :(
In the meeting they requested some changes to be made on certain plans and stuff, so not wanting to work during my 'vacation', I went back to the hotel, got on my laptop, did what was required and sent it back immediately, with my client sitting next to me inn hotel lobby...Lol.

There was also an assessment between us and the client to talk about what problems we're facing...and my mind went blank. There were so many things I wanted to say, but the head of the department was heading out and only had a few minutes...and I didn't get to say everything :( ... I seriously think my boss will kill me when I get back to the office next week....I should probably quit my job now and stay in Beirut forever...Lol.

This left me feeling down and beating myself up over it, I seriously feel like I messed up. I just wandered around the area of the hotel, trying to clear my head but so far, it's not working. I tried to go shopping, but I wasn't in the mood for it. So I decided to go to a coffee shop, get something to drink and eat something...and for some reason I'm still feeling down.

I've never felt like this on vacation...okay, so my vacation doesn't officially start until tomorrow...but I hate this feeling. I should be enjoying my time, going out, spending money all over town....

I'm glad I have my laptop with me...I can sit in bed, watch movies and the only TV show that has always helped cheer me up.. One Tree Hill (yes, I'm still re-re-re- re-re-re-re- (insert endless re (s))watching it again and again and again and aga- ... okay, you get the point...I'm addicted to OTH.

Good night....


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