Vienna Philharmonic New Year's Concert

Ever since I was little, every single New Year's Day we have the same tradition...wake up late after celebrating New Year's Eve the night before and have lunch while watching Vienna's New Year's Concert on TV.

This is a classical music concert that takes place every year in Vienna on January 1st, since 1939. The concert always features music composed by the Strauss family (Johann I, Johann II, Joseph and Eduard Strauss), and occasionally some other famous Austrian composers such as Mozart.

Every time I used to watch this concert, I always wished I was watching it at the Vienna Philharmonic. But of course, securing tickets to such an event is difficult. You simply cannot buy a ticket to attend this concert...some seats are actually reserved to some Austrian families and are passed down from one generation to the next.

So how do people attend this concert? Let me tell you...

One year before the concert takes place, you register to enter a draw to win the chance to purchase a ticket...the registration takes place for 3 weeks only in January of the previous year, and then you are notified in March if you won the lottery or not.

So this year I decided to try my luck...I registered in the draw for January 2014's concert. The maximum number of tickets that I am allowed to purchase if I won the draw is two...with each ticket costing a little over $1,200. I am hoping to win the draw...some people wait years to be able to attend this exclusive event...I hope I do not have to wait long. If it all works out, I will be spending my New Year's in Vienna, Austria.

Wish me luck!


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