A Really Long Blog Post (You've Been Warned)

It has been a really long time since I've blogged...almost 3 weeks. Although I have gone longer without blogging, but this time, for some reason, it feels like a lifetime. So many things have been happening in my life...and so many things I've been neglecting, which I shouldn't...

First of all, this past month, and starting from June 8th, I've been caught up in the Euro Cup fever! I've seen almost all matches (except for 3 or 4), and been cheering for my favorite European team Spain! Luckily for me, they ended up being the Euro Cup champions for 2012....it was an awesome match!

Second, I've been really busy with work. If you have been reading some of my earlier posts, my colleague in my team have resigned and I've been handling all the work load on my own! I work in the advertising industry, and more specifically in the media planning & buying aspect of advertising, and if you know about advertising, then you know how stressful my job is...(clients nagging all the time, clients thinking they own you, like your some kind of a slave to them, clients asking for a million requests at the same time...and that's to name a few). I'm handling 3 huge accounts on my own, one of which is a fashion account comprised of 18 brands, each brand different than the other. In addition to those accounts, I also handle multiple requests/clients belonging to our offices in other branches. Furthermore, I've been nominated to be part of a research team, where I have to learn about the research tools that we use at work, and train my colleagues on how to use them, which brings me to my third point.

Third, since I've been nominated to be part of the research team, I have a training in Dubai this coming Monday. I'm excited about that, not because of the training part, but because I've never been to Dubai and I've always wanted to go there. Of course my training will be for 3 whole days, so basically I have to fit sightseeing within 2 days or more accurately within a maximum of 12 hours...that is assuming I don't get any assignments to work on as part of my training and end up sightseeing Dubai from my hotel window only...

Two weeks ago I had a business trip to Beirut, where I had to attend a training course. It was more of a vacation than training. The training was taking place on Monday and Tuesday, so we left to Beirut and arrived on Sunday noon. I spent the entire day with my best friends from university! We went to the beach, rode jet skis (where one of my best friends ended up falling off the jet-ski and into the sea while it wasn't moving...and since I was sitting behind her, I ended up falling onto the edge of the jet-ski...that was a funny moment). The training was easy, interesting and I've learned a lot! Since the training was only until 2:30 pm, I had a lot of free time. I ended up visiting my university, sitting on a bench over looking the sea and just spent an hour relaxing under the shade of the trees....And I ended up going shopping too!
Since two of my colleagues were also attending the training with me, we spent most of our free time together, going to malls and having dinner together. I actually had fun with my colleagues!

Like I said, work has been so busy, and I'm stressing out all the time. I'm trying to finish most of my tasks and requests before all my trips and especially this Dubai training, and I'm really stressing out! I barely have any time to breathe at work! I've been working through my lunch break, forgetting to eat on most days, thinking about work 24/7, not sleeping well and waking up in the middle of the night just thinking about the things I have to cross off my to-do list! I've been so stressed that all I want to do is just cry...and I feel a crying session coming up in a few minutes :'(

So in a nutshell, I HAVE NO MORE SOCIAL LIFE!

On of my goals is to get my MBA degree from Harvard, and I've already started applying for the class entering in 2013. But I have been neglecting studying for my GMAT exam, which I am planning to take in November. Time is flying by so fast...we're already in July! When I get home after a busy day at work, I don't feel like doing anything...lately my way of relaxing is sitting and doing nothing....and re-watching One Tree Hill over and over (I'm back to season 1 again).
I need to focus back on my goal...my goal of going to Harvard...

I will try to update my blog more often...that is if I don't end up taking a sleeping bag and living in my office...

A few weeks ago I started a weekly trend to write about music that I cannot stop listening to...but I haven't continued that trend since I've been too busy to listen to anything (I barely even listen to the voices in my head....just kidding!). Anyway, hopefully I'll continue this trend by this weekend or the next.

Sorry for the long post (you've been warned...lol), but I had to get everything of my mind!


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