I Hate the Flu!!

Last night, I started feeling a little sick...I had a sore throat. So I took some cold/flu medicine and I went to sleep. I woke at 3am, with my throat still sore :'(
Anyway, I tired to go back to sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I was feeling a bit worse, but I went to work as usual...So I took some cold/flu medicine and took more after I got back home...

We'll maybe it's the slight fever or the runny nose or sore throat, but this is what I imagined, a conversation between my body and the germs/virus/whatever...

- My body: Hmmmm, Nadz hasn't gotten sick in almost a year...maybe it's time to get sick.
- Germs/Virus: did anyone say sick?!... PARTY at Nadz and everyone is invited! woohooo!
- My body: oh germs and viruses! Hello!

Never-mind the conversation....it's probably the fever talking!


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