Three Weeks Worth Blogging About


I haven't blogged in 18 days, but so much has been going on in my life...where should I start?!..

Well, over Easter I traveled to Lebanon.
I love this country for so many reasons! For one, I'm half Lebanese, so Lebanon is my second home. I've lived 4 amazing years of my life in Lebanon where I attended university over there and met the most amazing best friends who became my family away from home.
My Easter break was great! It was fun filled, and most importantly I got to see my best friends and spend time with them!

After the break was over, I returned back to reality...back to work...back to the boring routine life...
However, over the past two weeks I've been getting great news at work!

April 19th started as any normal, long boring Thursday...I've even tweeted "I'm falling asleeeeeeeepppp at the office! When will this day be over?!". But, a few hours after that, I was busy working on a certain task, when my colleague suddenly looked at me with a smile on his face "Congratulations!" he said. I looked at him confused, and even more confused when the others were also congratulated me and telling me "Go Nadz! Congratulations". In my head I was going "Huh?!...What the hell is going on?"...Anyway, they must have seen me looking confused when my colleagues told me that I have been named 'Employee of The Year'. I checked my email inbox, and they were right! There it was, and email from our managing director sent to all of the offices in the network announcing that I was named 'Employee of The Year' for our branch! Soon after that, emails started pouring in from my colleagues in offices around the network, all congratulating me.
The day ended great...we ordered a cheesecake to the office to celebrate the occasion!

The following week, I received even greater news! On Wednesday April 25th, I was busy working on a million different tasks, when my coworker sitting next to me looked at me with a smile on her face "Congratulations" she said. In my mind I was going "Deja what's going on now?". I looked at my inbox, and there was an email from the HR director talking about the 'Star Performers' of the network, and my name was among them! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy! First I'm Employee of The Year and now I'm a Star Performer...I must be doing something right at work...LOL!

I wonder what email I will receive this coming week...

Well, enough about work...

I've recently purchased the latest iPod Touch, and I've been spending my free time either downloading games and apps, or trying to update my music play list. So far, I'm addicted to Temple Run! I just can't stop playing it... which is one of the reasons that I haven't been going online much to update my blog... LOL!

Anyway, enough about me & my news!

I promise to blog soon! =)


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