I Hate That Building Down That Street....

A few days ago, my uncle and I were taking a family friend who came from abroad to a certain store as she needed to get some things. Anyway, I didn't really know where the store was located, but I knew I hated that street...or actually, I hated a certain building down that street...it was the cancer center where my dad passed away.

As I said, I didn't really know where the store was located, and I didn't know where we were going to make U-turn as the store was on the other side. As we neared the U-turn, that familiar grey and white building came into view, with the words 'Cancer Center' clearly displayed on one side. 

I started to feel my heart breaking all over again, and I felt I was going to cry that instant. I couldn't look ahead, I immediately looked to my right and closed my eyes...I just couldn't bear to see that building again!

The last time I passed by that street and building was the night of June 20th, 2011...just one night before my dad passed away there. I remember driving away from that hospital that night with my mom, my heart breaking and crying all the way home. That was the last time I have seen my dad alive and the last time passing by that hospital, because the next day, I remember I woke up around 7am, took a shower and got ready to go back to the hospital to visit my dad, when my brother called us from there informing my mom that dad had passed away.

I never thought that seeing this building again would affect me this much...but it did. It brought back painful memories. I hate this place! It was the place where I was told that my dad had only a few days left or even a few hours to live...it was the place where I spent 3 days watching my dad suffer from this horrible disease...it was the place where I said goodbye to my dad before I left the hospital, not knowing that it would be the last time I saw him alive...

I just really hate that building down that street....


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