All For Nothing!

Last weekend I decided to create a music mix to put into my car. Since my car can take MP3, I created an MP3 on a DVD disk, to play in my car.

So, I got a 4.7 GB disk, and started filling it up with music. I was choosing my songs carefully, creating a real mix filled with rock, pop, alternative, hip-hop, rap and even opera and musicals! The CD could hold over 1000 songs since the capacity of the disk was so huge!

Anyway, I've spent two days, listening to songs on my laptop and copying them to the CD. After long, long, loooong hours, blurry teary eyes and lots of hard work, my 'Real Music Mix' was ready!

I jumped into my car and decided to try it.

I inserted the disk into the player....and suddenly the player threw it out...literally! I tried it again, but the same thing happened!
I almost broke down in my car...I've spent two days selecting the best 1000 or so songs, only to discover that my car doesn't really share my taste in music...

I guess I must have burned the CD incorrectly or maybe an MP3 DVD doesn't work in my car....


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