A Random Memory...

This is just a random memory from 2006...

It was the summer of 2006, when a close family friend of mine and I decided to go to Manhattan for the evening. So I decided to go in style! I was wearing dark jeans, with baby blue top and high heels. We were going by train because we wanted to spend the afternoon walking in the city. My friend kept telling me to change my shoes and wear flats, but I didn’t listen and insisted on wearing heels.
Like I said, we were going by train, and the train station is not so far from her New Jersey beach house, so we decided to walk to the station. When we realized that we might miss the train we started running, and me being in heels, I was practically crying the whole way to the station. Once we reached the station (on time), we boarded the train and I took a good look at my feet to find that some blisters had already started forming! And the whole way to Manhattan, my friend kept telling me “I told you to change your shoes”.

The minute we reached Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan, I got off the train and crossed the street to the nearest Old Navy store and bought flat sandals…and spent the afternoon walking comfortably!

Every time I look at those heels in my closet, this memory keeps coming back, and every single time I laugh at how stupid I was....


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