Not Ready For Goodbye...

Next week is the final episode of One Tree Hill ever! Although I am very excited to see how it all ends, I am not ready to say goodbye to this amazing show (even though I have all seasons on DVD and planning to buy season 9 as soon as it's out).

Anyway, I have this habit of ruining the surprises of this final season by reading spoilers online...I decided not to do that for this episode, because I want to be surprised....unlike previous episodes, where I kind of knew or had an idea of what was going to happen....thank you spoilers (I'm being sarcastic here!). Although some things managed to surprise me!

Instead, what I've decided to do is to write down, on a piece of paper, what I think will happen in the finale. And after the episode is over, I will cross off the things that I got right!

Season 9 has been the best season ever of One Tree Hill...although all previous eight seasons have been amazing as well. But seriously, during season 9, there were some moments where I felt my heart was going to stop...and moments where unexpected things happened and unexpected people returned! And we finally have some explanation for certain moments and events that took place in previous seasons!
I don't want to spoil this season for all of those who haven't seen it yet...but all I'm going to say is that IT IS AMAZING!

I can't wait for next week's two hour finale...but I don't want to say goodbye to One Tree Hill  :'(

*Blog post title is a song by All 4 One


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