The Dinner Party

Tonight, one of my close high school friends, who I've known for 20 years & her husband invited me and two of my close high school friends over for dinner at their house. It was such a lovely evening! We spent it joking, and just talking about random things...including an argument about what existed first; marketing or engineering, which is still in debate at the moment...

Anyway, we were sitting around the dinner table, eating the amazing food my friend prepared, and suddenly we started exchanging food that exact moment we all started laughing and wondering the same thing..."when did we grow up and started talking about food recipes?!". So, ok, now we're all 25-26 years old, but I remember us 10 years ago, we used to talk about mindless things, and worry about nothing but high school stuff...and now we're all grown up. We all have jobs, one of my friends is married and the other is engaged...but when we all get together, we remember the old days during high's interesting to see how far we've become and how we all grew up since we graduated high school 8 years ago!

I'm pretty sure that in the coming few years, our dinner conversations would revolve around parenting tips and which school to send the kids to...LOL!


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