Party All Night Long!

Today was the day of the Oldies Party that I was helping my alumni club was such a loooong but AMAZING day!

Around noon, I went to the club to help prepare for the party. There was a lot to be done! So dressed in a pair of jeans and hoodie, I headed over to the club, ready to work!
The first thing we had to do was to cover the floor-to-ceiling windows of the club with some sort of thick paper, as we were going to have 3D projections all around. After spending around 3-4 hours covering the windows, it was time to organize the seating, set up the DJ equipment, the 3D projectors and make sure everything is ready and in place for the party.

Around 5pm, I went back home to get ready for the party at night. So after curling my hair and applying my make up, I was ready to put my costume on. I was going as a Hippie! The good thing is that I didn't need to look far for a costume...what I did was wear a bohemian style top, paired with  a pair of jeans, flat boots and hippie accessories (peace sign necklace & earrings and a headband with a flower!).I looked like a real hippie :)

Stepping into the club a few hours later, it looked ready for the party! Lights were on, the bartender was behind the bar and we were just putting the final touches. People started coming in, some were in costumes, others were not. Elvis came, people from the 70's showed up, a bunch of hippies were also mingling around, and even Marilyn Monroe was there!  Everyone looked great and ready to party!

Music from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and even 2000's was blasting through the speakers, people were dancing, drinking and having a great time!

I spent the entire evening dancing and even singing along with the music (Yes, I was dancing & singing! ...Shocked?!... I was too!...If you ask my closest friends, they would tell you that they usually have to drag me to the dance floor, and I never sing). The party was AMAZING AMAZING AMAAAAAZZZIIINGG!
I had so much fun, danced for over 4 hours STRAIGHT, and now I can barely able to walk (even though my boots were flat!).

This was such a wonderful day & night, even though tomorrow morning my feet will be killing me from the non-stop dancing =P



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