Me...The (Fake) Computer Engineer

Ever since I got back from my trip on Tuesday night, I have been trying to fix my laptop...
The laptop was perfectly fine when I left it at home before my trip, and when I came back, for some unknown reason, it was taking too long to start up....and what I mean by too long is over 30 minutes!!

So for the past few days, I have been trying to fix my laptop myself (yes, I was pretending to be a Computer Engineer...with no success at all!). Last night I tried to get my laptop to start up, and I've spent my entire night (literally...I was up until 3am) trying unsuccessfully to fix it....

I never give up when trying to do something difficult. My closest friends in university even nicknamed me "007". I stay working on whatever until its done, or solved or fixed.

So today, after I woke up a little bit after noon (ok, so it was 1pm...I was up until 3am the night before), I sat with my laptop in front of me and continued to try to fix it....after around 4 long hours my laptop was almost fixed! It was starting up quickly, all unresponsive programs were working and it seems fine!

So I think I deserve the nickname "07"...because there is still 1 tiny problem with my laptop that I don't know how to fix...and I don't even know what's causing it....yet.

The battery indicator light is off, but when I plug in my charger the orange light comes on, and the battery charges...when my battery is fully charged, the light should turn green, but instead the light goes off...

Anyway, I'm going back to pretending to be a computer engineer and try to solve this problem...before I actually send it to a professional computer engineer to fix it for me...

Wish me luck!


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