And Now The End Is Near...

I first started watching One Tree Hill less than a year ago. I’ve watched reruns of season 6, and after just 3 episodes I was addicted to OTH. So I decided to buy all the OTH DVDs, from season 1 to season 7, so I could start from the beginning.

Once I got all the DVDs, I started with season 1 on March 27th, 2011. Less than a month later, I was done with season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7! And not only that, I’ve seen each season a minimum of 3 times.

In a few days, I will be getting my season 8 DVD (which I have ordered online J) although I have already seen it (but as you can already tell, I’m going to watch it again, and again and again :p).

It’s a really funny thing that I got addicted to One Tree Hill…here’s why:

Back in 2005, while I was still a sophomore at university, one of my best friends got OTH season 1 on DVD, and I remember her coming up to my dorm room, trying to get me to watch the show. She was explaining the story, and the characters, but my exact words were “it sounds like a silly teenage drama…I’m not going to watch it”. I should have listened to her back then, because I never thought I would be addicted to OTH J

One Tree Hill has been there for me this year during difficult times (it was a very horrible year for me & my family). And whenever I needed to feel better, I would turn on my TV and watch OTH.

And now, after 8 seasons (and almost 9 years running), the filming of the season 9 finale is coming to an end…and the latest and last season will premiere on January 11th, 2012, with only 13 episodes.

Thank you One Tree Hill for being the best TV show ever!


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